• Rhonda Barrett

Coming Soon - Meditations for Creation

Woke up with a sale 'ding' and moments later another. As an artist it has taken some time to get to a point of somewhat consistent sales and therefore, my ability to continue making. I have sacrificed friendships, financial ease, me time, and sooo much time doing other things including exercise, travel and just general 'fun'. I have even sacrificed time with Sam and Sean in an attempt to master one paper collage technique.

Yet, Sam, Sean, my Mom as well as extended family have always been supportive. It has been the greatest and hardest thing I have done so far. My heart is creative, my spirit is a maker, my mind is a project manager, and my hands are capable.

If any of you have ever considered art as your career, I support it fully. Sometimes we just need somebody to say it's a worthy choice to spend your time creating. Art is work.

Art is also therapy. It helps me past grief. It helps me know myself. It helps me work through anger and sadness, but also can be pure joy. It does feel like a tremendous amount of 'work' sometimes, but most times it feels like an exploration of myself and what I feel is important on this earth. I used to use fitness and yoga to explore myself, and I still do sometimes, but my work has become a journal on canvases and paper of sorts.

Completed commission - 2020

I want to help others find this ability to be vulnerable and quiet while the body moves through the creation process, whether it be collage or some other artform. Using my yoga, pranayam, fitness and reiki background, as well as some of that project management mindset, I would love to host short movement/meditation sessions to bolster the creative seed within all people. I will offer it in person within Halifax, or online via Zoom for those unable to attend in person. The world is ever-changing, and many times it feels overwhelming; creating can help us stay grounded.

Visit my webpage soon for more details!

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