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2020 - 5 Goals for my Art Career

I usually create goals right about now to keep myself stimulated and motivated throughout each year. I don't always stick precisely to them, or meet them, but, they are definite guidelines to focus my efforts. Here are the top 5 #goals of this year for my art career.

1. Increase my art income - I have an amount that I need to make to live comfortably, buy supplies, maintain my studio, car and so on. Never forget that ART=Work, and we work to sustain and enjoy ourselves. Last year I missed my goal by less than $1000, so this year I aim to increase my income by at least 20%. #artiswork This is my job, people!

PLAN: I am looking for new revenue streams, new #galleryrepresentation, and gaining new skills to effectively reach more people through social media in order to accomplish this.

2. Produce a large scale #exhibit - My very first show included my artworks, a self-produced video and solo dance performance and live music by my partner. Since then, many of the shows I have participated in have been boring, stand-and-look-at-art type of things which have left me feeling rather blah. So, this year I want to return to my initial idea of multi-media art shows.

PLAN: The subject has already been decided, (#Fakenewsart2020 ) so now the art journaling and planning is in full effect. My background in construction management helps me immensely with this, but, I am not the greatest at promotion, creating the capital to produce it or creating hype. I plan to let the skills I have take care of the creation/exhibition aspect, and learn skills to make sure people actually come to see what I do through proper promotion. #learnnewskills I may have to collaborate on this part. Recognize my weakness and delegate.

3. Celebrate my medium - I work with newsprint, the common everyday paper covered in the daily happenings of the world! Looking back at my work in the last 5 years, there is hardly a hint that you are looking at repurposed newspapers. That has to end! I chose this medium as a way of saying that if you are going to cut down a pile of trees and use tonnes of water, it better be valuable, and if it's not, do something about it. #upcycled

PLAN: There will be #typography, crazy ads for 'bargains', obituaries, headlines, and all things newspaper showing up in my work this year. My exhibit, 'Fake News', is heavily inspired by the current state of newspapers and discusses a topic affecting all jounalism and society as a whole.

'North End Sledders', detail, 2019 Available in my shop.

4. Be social - Attending #pleinair events, art openings, exhibits and workshops are all fantastic ways to meet new artists. But, I want to meet like minded #collectors and #customers too and talk about my art and influences with them. I want to make more face-to-face connections.

PLAN: Host artist talks, open studios and workshops at my studio as well as maintaining this blog. I also need to find my tribe; people looking for #upcycleddecor, #paperart, #canadianart and supporters of change in the arts community with regards to using greener art products and practises. If that is me!!

5. Stay true to me - As an artist, it is hard to stay genuine in your work when bills need to be paid and you know certain pieces sell. Or when somebody reviews your work and is full of feedback that may set your artistic compass into a spin. Or when you read the news, (hello!!!, I work with newspapers), and you find yourself losing sight of that great idea you had while new information filters in. What is my #artiststatement? What is at the core of my desire to create?

PLAN: Maintain an #artjournal. Simple right? So, so hard. But, it has been started and I hope to fill the pages with ideas, discussions, poetry and plans. Further, I hope it helps me gain insight and clarity about who I am as an artist and what I wish to convey.

This year I am also going to use my yoga/reiki and #meditation training on me. That's right, self healing is about to happen, because you cannot create on empty.

'Sun Catcher', self portrait of me in my teens, lo and journaling. Available in my shop.

Do you have goals for your art career? I'd love to know if you do and the plans to achieve them.

My partner always says, 'it isn't the destination, it's the journey'. May the journey be stunning.

Happy 2020, go get 'em!

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