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100% newspaper collage

mixed media collage

prints and other stuff

Artist Rhonda Barrett, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia continues making her art out of scraps of paper most would consider garbage. Using discarded newspaper, magazine, product packaging and other found papers she works until a new image appears from the little bits. In some works she uses only newspaper in a style similar to chigiri-e,  creating maritime scenes and landscapes that remind her of her Newfoundland upbringing. Other times, using whatever suits her fancy, she works in a more 'typical' collage way gluing items together until a point is made or new story emerges from the scraps and found images. 

She also created and established the Canadian Collage Collective, currently operating as an instagram account and website, but working to document and collect information about collage in Canada.

Currently working out of her collage and assemblage gallery, Cuts and Paste Gallery in Halifax, NS at her work can found within or at Eastern Shores Gallery in Chezzetcook and King's Point Pottery and Craft in Newfoundland. 

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